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THE SALES FUNNEL. How it works, and how it WONT work for you!

[But an alternative that will]

I am sure that you have at some point signed up to a free webinar for something or other. The Facebook post or whatever provoked your interest spoke to your concerns, more new patients, should you vaccinate your child etc. Then when you clicked through to the website a ‘funnel’ page made it very clear what your next step was, to sign up for the webinar. The message was focused on the benefits to you and that it’s all free with no obligation. Next you get a series of automated thank-you emails, counting down to the webinar date. They may even give you a little taster along the way and they are sure to tell you to stay until the end of the webinar for a special free gift worth a million dollars.

If you do make it through the webinar, the most likely route is that they tell you how amazing they are, they explain the hardships that they have been through so that you can relate to them as a person. They then get social proof by telling you all the big names that they have worked with and show photos with them dancing with Nelson Mandela.

By this point we are 60% of the way though the webinar and they throw you a few scraps of useful information (the whole point you signed up in the first place) followed by a long sales pitch for something that is apparently worth $9000 but you can have it for $7.

This sale is called a trip-wire, and is tempting enough for you to take a punt and enter your paypal details. Now, over the next few weeks you will be offered ever increasing options culminating in the top dollar ticket item that they wanted to sell you in the first place. Some bold marketers will even offer you the next step up to say a $23 programme as soon as you have bought the $7 item.

This is a calculated sales funnel system that can be seen on every corner of the internet. It works, it has been created with human psychology in mind. But it will NOT work for you and your practice.

Why Wont It Work For My Practice Then?

Because people chose to consult a healthcare practitioner by a very different set of rules. Sure they may be tempted to book an initial consultation if there is a tasty offer on your website. They may even enter their paypal details if they can get a half price examination. We encourage this with our clients, and see great results, however we are talking about the Buy It Now type of patient. The kind of person that is looking for you – Right Now!! More can be found on this topic in our article “The 3 types of New patient” and can be found at the end of this post.

I would guess that 99% of people that utilise the sales funnel are selling something online. Usually it is not a physical product, but most likely a course or ‘how-to’ video, book or other form of content. The sales process is automated, the webinar pre-recorded and then made to look like you are live online with the speaker.

The clear difference is that they are selling to people who are looking for an online solution. Examples are how to be a better public speaker, or fill your seminars, how to get better at talking to women or meditation for ultimate relaxation. The course curator sets up the programme and lets it run, making money whilst they sleep. Yes it’s only a few dollars here and there, but that is just the taster for something bigger. The big ticket price item may indeed be a face to face conference, but again it’s likely to be a ‘platinum level’ or ‘inner-circle’ coaching group worth $50k, and you can have it for just $199 a month… Buy It Now, Offer Finishes in Ten Seconds, 30 day money back guarantee and we wash your car if you are not happy!!

But people will not ‘shop’ for your services in the same way, they can’t test the water from home. They will try, they will buy the pain zapper gadget for $39.99 and waste three weeks zapping themselves before it goes in the back of the drawer. They may download the 6 stretches for back pain factsheet from your website and try them for a while before they realise that they really need to get this looked at by a professional.

The way you speak to your prospective patients who are not in the Buy It Now state of mind, is to Educate, Inspire and Lead them to the right conclusion. That conclusion is to consult you; good choice Mrs Jones!

Can you speed up the process, yes most likely, but you cannot push them to make the choice to pick up the phone. There are many reasons that cause someone to transition from a window shopper to a Buy It Now prospective patient who picks up the phone and dials your office number. In the interim you need to become the authority in their area of concern, and stay in the periphery of their mind until they have made the leap.

How Do You Know What To Write About?

Use the google keyword tool, question samurai and the many other excellent tools available to find out what people are looking for, what questions do they want answers to. Then make sure that there are enough people asking those questions in your local area, these tools can give you traffic estimates… Then your job is simple: Answer their questions in an engaging way. Help them conclude that you are the expert in their area of concern. Speak directly to them, use their language, even write different articles and adverts for different groups of people. Turn the article into mini videos, quote images for Instagram & Pinterest, infographics and tweets.

A good example that we use in our agency is when we setup a Google Adwords campaign for a new clinic. We research the local community and what they are looking for help with online and cross reference this with what the clinic can offer. Then we build a campaign that includes unique adverts for every single complaint/concern/question from our research. Each advert highlights a very niche question and shows that we (the clinic) have the answer. The page that they click through is not the homepage but again a page specific to that question or complaint.

We make the prospective patient feel like we are speaking 121, our advert directly addresses their concerns. Not only does this mean that the person is likely to click our advert AND like what they find when they get to our page; thus increasing the chance of them booking a consultation, signing up for a talk or newsletter, Facebook like or whatever our goal is.

But we are also rewarded by google for providing such a good link between the searchers question and our proposed solution. Google really is that clever, and our reward… is a cheaper click cost. Yes we can make your advert hit the top spot and get more clicks than all the other adverts put together AND have the cost of each click cheaper than the advert s below us in google!

It does take a lot of time to create a campaign like this, and just as long to regularly create content that engages people week after week. That is why so many practices use our services, its far cheaper to get the experts to do it, and the results are significantly more rewarding. Have you ever tried to change the screen on an iPhone? My wife tried to once, she bought the screen and the little tool kit and spent what felt like a whole day watching youtube videos. Once she was ready she took the phone apart and spend the whole evening hunched over the dining table. She put it back together and found that it was the wrong screen type I’m sure her workmanship was top class though… We took it to the phone shop the next day and he changed the screen whilst we waited and charged us less than what it had cost to buy the screen and toolkit on ebay. We are happy to give you all the tools to DIY, but we do strongly suggest that you plan what is needed and how long it will take you first, so that you embark on this with eyes wide open. Content marketing is a commitment, and you will not reap the rewards with an inconsistent approach.

3 Types Of New Patient Article.

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